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1. Do you consider yourself a supporter of Educational Freedom, the idea that every child should have educational opportunities that best meet their unique needs, regardless of income level or zip code?  (required)

2. Which opinion do you agree with most? We should spend more money on K-12 education to fix our public schools – even if that means increasing taxes. Or We should work together to provide all students the opportunity to receive the education that best meets their unique needs. That could be public or charter schools, private or homeschool, educational services, or a combination of these.  (required)

3. Medicaid was originally designed to provide care for our state's most vulnerable, but expanding it would put able-bodied, working adults in the system. Do you support expanding Medicaid to include able-bodied, working adults?  (required)

4. State Certificate of Public Need (CON) laws or regulations limit health care services and drives up consumer costs by requiring health care providers to prove to a government entity that building new facilities or services, or the expansion of existing ones are necessary. Do you believe the state CON laws should prevent health care providers from opening or expanding facilities or services that allow more access to health care?  (required)

5. Do you believe the operation and licensing of a home-based business should be allowed, assuming it follows all normal local ordinances?  (required)

6. Would you be interested in receiving more information about our community organization and other involvement opportunities?  (required)