AFP-CO 1000x2 Initiative

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” -Ronald Reagan

The Challenge

We know that you love COLORADO! 

It has been an amazing place to live and raise a family for decades. 

Now, that is changing.   

Bad policies.  

Bad leadership. 

Overreaching State Government.

Rising Living and Energy Costs and Crime. 

Threats to our TABOR refund checks

Will Colorado remain an amazing place for future generations?  

Only if we fight to keep it that way.  People must stand up and TAKE ACTION

Our Vision

AFP aspires to be the home for voters who care about our core American
, principles like freedom and empowerment and a strong
constitutional system...

so that
all people have the opportunity to live their American Dream.

How You Can Help

JOIN our NEW 1000x2 Initiative  


People are
dissatisfied with the direction of our state and country and they DON’T SEE the
VISION for a way forward.  They don’t
BELIEVE that they can make a difference.


Our GOAL is
to enlist 1000 Concerned Citizens who believe in our VISION for
the American Dream, limited government, and lower taxes in Colorado. 


1000 Concerned Citizens

who become

1000 Active Citizens

People who
will commit to just 2 hours a month to ACTIVATE FOR CHANGE.  


There are MANY
you can help.  Let’s talk
about how.


If not you, then who?