How AFP-AZ is Protecting Free Speech

Prop 211 Lawsuit Update

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Proposition 211’s proponents claim it is needed to stop “dark money”, which they define as people trying to “hide” donations to political campaigns through intermediaries. But such practices are already illegal under both Arizona law and federal law.

Proposition 211 doesn’t just target political campaigns. Instead, the scope is so sweeping that it impacts essentially any organization that speaks up on any issue – from civil rights to immigration. These groups will be forced to list their supporters’ names, addresses, and employers.

Arizona deserves better. That’s why AFP filed its federal lawsuit against Proposition 211. We’re asking the courts to uphold Arizonans’ constitutional rights to privacy and free speech – just like the Supreme Court has done from 1950s Alabama to 2020s California. 

People of every belief and background deserve to support causes without fear of government harassment or ideological intimidation. That’s something Arizonans can, and do, agree on.