AFP-KS Cinco de Mayo: English Version

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1. Generally speaking, when it comes to health care, do you believe we should have a one-size fits all approach for all citizens or should we allow for a marketplace of options?  (required)

2. Generally speaking do you think the government should focus on keeping taxes at the lowest rate possible for all taxpayers or should they be collecting more taxes to support more services?  (required)

3. Generally speaking do you believe the Government should cut regulations to allow businesses to thrive or should we increase regulations to hold companies more accountable?  (required)

4. Generally speaking do you believe we should be a nation that provides both stronger border security and a welcoming legal immigration system for immigrants?  (required)

5. Generally speaking, which of these policy issues are most important to you when choosing a political candidate to support?  (required)

6. When describing your political beliefs, do you identify more as a moderate, a liberal, or a conservative?  (required)

7. Thank you so much for your time today! Paid for by Americans for Prosperity.  (required)

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