Reignite the American Dream

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1. Under current state law, in addition to your local property taxes, a state-wide property tax could be implemented. In addition to your home/land, personal possessions such as vehicles, RVs, and other items could also be taxed annually. Would you support a state constitutional amendment to ban these taxes?  (required)

2. Public education is currently funded through property taxes. If you decide you don’t want your children to attend failing public schools, you end up paying twice because your tax dollars don’t follow your student. You still owe the same amount of money on your taxes, then you must pay tuition. Under universal school choice, you’d be given access to an Education Savings Account (ESA) which would return to you thousands of your tax dollars to put towards tuition at a private school or to be used for homeschooling. If you had access to these funds, would you consider alternative means of education outside the public school system?  (required)

3. Do you support the practice of giving companies/professional sports teams billions of dollars in taxpayer funds for job creation and stadiums?  (required)

4. Who is your preference in the Republican Primary for President?  (required)

5. Would you like to Volunteer with Americans for Prosperity to Reignite the American Dream?  (required)

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