AFP-TN: Door Survey 2023

Reignite the American Dream

ENSURE Tennessee's leaders hear your voice! TAKE THE SURVEY

Sorry we missed you at your door. We value face-to-face conversations with our neighbors and try to have as many of them as we can.

We are Americans for Prosperity Tennessee. Our vision is to unite and mobilize communities to advance policy reforms that expand liberty and opportunity for all Tennesseans.

We hope you will take the survey below to help us discover more about what Tennesseans believe about these important issues:

1. When you think about Washington and the current direction of the country, do you think we’re headed in the right direction or wrong direction?  (required)

2. Do you believe that fixing the economy should be the top priority for congress and the President?  (required)

3. What do you think is causing the current problems with the spikes in food prices, record high inflation and volatile energy prices?  (required)

4. "The historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was passed and signed into law in 2017 lead to widespread economic growth. President Biden has said those tax cuts should be repealed. Do you agree that we should keep the tax cuts and lower taxes on Americans in every tax bracket?"  (required)

5. If the 2024 Republican Presidential primary/caucus were held today, who would you be most likely to support  (required)

6. “Thank you for your time today. Tennesseans love volunteering with Americans for Prosperity because they’ve helped taxpayers save billions of dollars, stop Washington special interest and work to expand freedom and opportunity to Americans across the nation. Would you be interested in joining our movement by volunteering, attending events, receiving text alerts, or receiving more information about out efforts here in Tennessee? (Check all that apply)  (required)