Survey on Iowa Education Savings Accounts

Iowa Recently Passed ESAs via Students First Act!

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1. Do you have any children or grandchildren currently enrolled in a local public school district?  (required)

2. Would you consider an alternative learning environment for your student(s) outside of the public school?  (required)

3. Why have you considered other forms of education (outside of public)?  (required)

4. Fill in if other

5. What type of schooling would you be interested in?  (required)

6. Are you aware that the Governor's Students First Act gives parents access to around $7,800 annually to cover tuition costs for non-public schools and other education related expenses?  (required)

7. Knowing this, how likely are you to enroll your student in a non-public school in the future?  (required)

8. Would you be interested in learning more about Americans For Prosperity?  (required)

9. What is the best way to contact? (e.g. Phone/Text and 555-555-5555 or Email and [email protected])  (required)