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1. Education Savings Accounts, commonly referred to as ESAs, are individual accounts administered by the state that parents can use to provide for their children’s educational needs. With ESAs, families are empowered to make education choices by providing the means to pay tuition to private schools or microschools, tutoring and textbooks, virtual schools, or therapy classes for special needs students. At least 12 other states have a program like this. Would you support an ESA program in North Dakota?  (required)

2. In states where parental choice is available, outcomes for students exercising choice improve. Outcomes also improve for students who remain in the public system. Given that 9 of the 10 most rural states offer school choice (that is, all except North Dakota), do you think North Dakota would also improve outcomes for all students with a parental choice program?  (required)

3. Consider the phrase “education is the great equalizer”. Regardless of what others think, which of the following most resembles your beliefs.  (required)

4. Would you like to learn more about ESAs and the opportunities this would present for families in North Dakota to pursue an individualized education?  (required)